Marketing & commerce professionals are now expected to do more with less

Currently organizations are battling challenges on many fronts. Achieving more with less budget, an increasing dependence on technology, and businesses growing exponentially online. Marketing and Commerce professionals are turning to full digital strategies to connect with customers and their partner ecosystem. Some of you have had to come up with completely new channels to do business overnight!

How can you overcome challenges like these?

You need to make data-driven decisions, employ the right mix of channels, provide the best digital experience to customers while increasing ROI on an ever-tightening budget. Which is why you need to brush up your marketing & e-commerce skills real fast!

Capgemini Marketing Masterclass Series

Capgemini brings you the Marketing Masterclass series, in collaboration with our strategic partners Salesforce, Adobe, SAP, and our inhouse agency Idean, where you will gain insights and solutions to tackle the above issues.

You will learn from top professionals in the playing field through real-life case studies and demos on how to unleash the power of technology to achieve your goals.

Who can join?

  • Digital marketing professionals
  • UX designers
  • Digital architects
  • Product managers
  • Innovation managers
  • eCommerce professionals

Why sign up?

Build digital strategies - rebuild your digital strategy for better customer experience, better conversion, increase ROI on spends; create products & services that create impact on your customers.
Real hands-on training - learn how to use tools from our partners to best effect in the session, we will share the link with you so that you can play with it yourself!
Get a certificate - Attend the session to get a certificate of participation from Capgemini.
Invest only time, not money - the 4-part series is free of cost, the only investment is time. Real high ROI for you.

Journey for attendees

The Masterclass series comprises of 4 webinars

Join us to know how to optimize your advertisement spends using unified, real-time, data-driven insights with Datorama.

Marketers need to constantly optimize their marketing spend on the right communication channel to catch up to the fast-changing preferences of the buyers. Such decisions are easier to make when they are powered by data & intelligence.

What will you learn:
How to unify all your marketing data at one place
How to use real-time insights to optimize marketing spends
Watch Brenna Comacchio, Senior Manager, Marketing Science, and Insights, Autodesk is using Datorama to autonomously run marketing “Datorama allows us to operate independently without being dependent on engineering resources."
10:00 Keynote speech - Marketing efficiency in unprecedented times
Speaker - Sarah Khalil, Business Analyst, Capgemini
10:25 Digital tools to achieve marketing efficiency. Datorama as an example of tools to achieve increased advertisement ROI
Speaker - Jonathan Beeston, Product Marketing Director, Datorama
10:50 Coffee Break
11:00 Demonstration - Datorama
Learn how you can integrate all your marketing data into a single source of truth and generate insights with just a few clicks.
Speaker - Marc Oberbichler, Senior Solution Engineer, Salesforce
11:50 Q&A

The speakers who will take you on this journey

Marc Oberbichler
Senior Solution Engineer, Salesforce

Jonathan Beeston
Product Marketing Director, Datorama

Sarah Khalil
Business Analyst, Capgemini

Join us to learn Digital Experience Management by understanding journeys, behaviours and motivations of your online customers with SAP Qualtrics.

Digital customer experience management is how brands understand the journeys, behaviours and motivations of their online customers. With so many channels from websites and mobile apps to social media, smartphones and chatbots, it’s essential that brands optimise the experience across every touchpoint. And with customers rarely staying loyal to just one format, digital experience management brings it all together to give a complete view of the experience across every device and channel.

What will you learn:
How to use Omni-channel feedback to gather insights of your Digital Experience?
Which Customer Feedback Metrics Should You Use to focus on improving the Digital Experience?
When to Collect Your Customer Feedback in the Digital customer journey?
10:00 Introduction
10:05 The need for Customer Centricity, where customer feedback is a part, to improve your business
Speaker - Paul Kattestaart, Managing Consultant- Digital Transformation across Sales, Services, Marketing, Capgemini Invent
10:30 Digital tools to achieve customer centricity: Qualtrics as an example to improve business through customer feedback
Speaker - Martijn van Deel, Head of Europe SAP CX CoE and Lead SAP CX
10:45 Gather Experience Data to gain valuable insights
• Use realtime data to act
• Use SAP Qualtrics to gather and analyse customer experience data (Demonstration)
Speaker - Donia Ibrahimi, Solution Advisor - Experience Management and Commerce, SAP
11:45 Q&A

The speakers who will take you on this journey

Donia Ibrahimi
Solution Advisor - Experience Management and Commerce, SAP

Martijn van Deel
Head of Europe SAP CX CoE and Lead SAP CX

Paul Kattestaart
Managing Consultant- Digital Transformation across Sales, Services, Marketing, Capgemini Invent

“Imagine a world where you are always prepared. No matter what the circumstance, no matter what’s thrown at you, you’re ready”.

Join us to know how to empower your customers through trigger-based, hyper-personalized, contextual, in-the-moment marketing to influence the purchase of your brand with Adobe.

Research shows that personalized recommendations can increase conversions by 353%

Your customers expect seamless and frictionless experiences just when they need it. The paradigm for customer engagement is shifting from monolithic experiences to contextual in moment experiences. As a company you must adopt the right strategy, operational model and technology to win, serve and retain your customers in this new environment.

What will you learn:
Understand what is in the moment marketing
Learn from Adobe experts how ‘in the moment marketing’ can help you better serve your customer with demonstration of their technologies
10:00 Introduction
10:05 What is in the moment marketing
Speaker - Sarah Khalil, Business Analyst, Capgemini
10:30 How you prepare yourself to win and serve your customers in their moments and how this relates to traditional brand marketing and campaigning
Speaker - Patrick Burggaaf, Head of Strategy and Business Development, Adobe
10:55 Coffee break
11:00 What underlying architecture is required to deliver experiences in the moment
Explanation and demonstration of how Adobe technology can help you to be ready for your customers and their contextual in moment experiences.
Speaker - Rob In der Maur, Principal Solutions Architect, Adobe
11:55 Q&A

The speakers who will take you on this journey

Patrick Burggraaf
Head of Strategy and Business Development, Adobe

Rob In der Maur
Principal Solutions Architect, Adobe

Sarah Khalil
Business Analyst, Capgemini

"As a designer you are not just playing an instrument; you are conducting the orchestra"

Join us to learn about design thinking and its application for better ideas, products.

Design thinking encourages organizations to focus on the people they're creating for. This leads to better products, services, and internal processes better ideas, products, and services that can be launched with less risk.

What will you learn:
What is Design Thinking
Fall in love with the problem, problem space
Designers take their thought process for granted, how to think like a designer
Customer lifeline, define definitions and create an overview
Take away 3 important questions and first step you can take towards service design
10:00 Introduction
10:10 Keynote speech: The product is the brand
Speaker - Sander Appel, Creative Director, Idean
10:40 Coffee break
10:50 Introduction to design thinking, concepts and application of service design
Speaker - Trudy Dijkstra, Service Design and Customer journey expert, Capgemini
11:50 Q&A

The speakers who will take you on this journey

Sander Appel
Creative Director, Idean

Trudy Dijkstra
Service Design and Customer journey expert, Capgemini