Meet the Experts | Sibos 2023 Toronto

Navigating the Future of Finance – Unleashing the Potential of Digitization and Tokenization

When: Monday, September 18 | 4:45-5:30 pm ET
Where: Sibos 2023 Toronto

The emergence of Mesh Web is near. Converging physical and virtual worlds will steer the next technological transition to an open, trusted, secure and inclusive digital environment for citizens, businesses and public administrations. Banks and capital markets will be the backbone of this new interconnected, intelligent and immersive world.

The future of finance can be visualized in four dimensions: 1) Digitize (purpose bound money, CBDCs); 2) Tokenize (bonds, real-world assets, FMI); 3) Interoperate (with complex ecosystems), and 4) Sustain (existing versus new, implications of technology for enterprises).

Join a panel of leading experts to explore these rapidly evolving and highly dynamic trends.

Discover how:

  • New forms of money like CBDCs can enable instant payments and settlements, reduce cost, and enhance resilience.

  • CBDCs can empower accessibility and inclusion through secure access to money, even without online connectivity.

  • Regulated financial markets can build efficiencies with tokenization for digital bond issuance and settlements.

  • Deposit tokenization allows transparent liquidity management for treasurers, through atomic and bi-lateral settlements.

  • Tokenization can unlock new opportunities in traditionally illiquid asset classes (art, real estate...) through fractionalization.



Hari Janakiraman
Head of Industry Innovation and Transaction Banking


Heather Lee
Director, Strategy, Digital Currencies


Frédéric Chanfrau
Managing Director, Head of Technology US Cash Management


Rishabh Shah
VP and Product Head for Open Banking & Capability



Sudhir Pai
Capgemini FS

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