Knowledge Graph – The glue within Data Mesh

Implementing Data Mesh is one thing. To ensure that you are able to leverage the benefits of the Data Ecosystem is a completely different thing. This is where we need a well-designed Data Governance layer, to bridge the gap and make it a seamless transition. However, at enterprise level, a multitude of technologies have to be often compromised in order to have a complete view on Data Governance.

When you go into a supermarket, you'll have a clear view on what products are available within the market and where to find it. Each supermarket is structured in a similar way to organize the diffent products into categories (vegetables, fruits, dairy products, convenience food, household goods etc.) which makes it easy to "navigate" within the store. And even the products have clear features like name, production date, ingredients or expiry date. Wouldn't it be super nice if we would have such concept in the Data World, too?

Introducing Knowledge Graphs – which can be the glue within the Data Mesh to connect the dots of Data Products, Use Cases, Metrics, and Access Management through the whole Data Supply Chain.

We are happy to invite you to take a deep dive into the world of data mesh and knowledge graphs!

Join our presentation, on Tuesday, May 10th at 1PM CET, where we showcase the conceptual architecture of an implementation and give recommendations for succeeding on the journey towards Data Ecosystem Mastership.

About the speaker

Arne Roßmann
Arne Roßmann

Head of AI & Data Engineering Germany, Chief Architect - Insights & Data at Capgemini

Data Meshes & Knowledge Graphs – Part 1

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