Business Intelligence &
Data Science Day 2021

The largest Nordic Event 100% focused
on Data, AI and Analytics

November 30th – 14:00-17:00 CET



Join us for an engaging dialogue with industry leaders discussing and presenting the latest within Data, AI and Analytics. Live from our studio we have a jampacked agenda 100% focused on serving you the latest within the field. This is the 7th time we are running the event, last year more than 1500 signed up.

Speakers such as Sofia Granath from WirelessCar, Karl Prag from Inter IKEA and Patrik Eriksson from Securitas will share their experiences from Analytics and what it takes to seriously digitalize the business to reach increased business value.

Ron Tolido, international speaker from Capgemini will present Capgemini’s global view of the trends for 2022.

Also the hot subject of Sustainability Analytics will be on the agenda.

Our Expert-panel with experts like Mathias Olofsson from Telia, Frederik Nilsson from Sinch, Liv Hofflander from Stena Metall and Valeri Radkov Voev from LEGO Group, will among others reflect on the “new normal” and discuss their perspective on the latest trends and how to use all the possibilities that comes of being a data driven organization.

The event is digital and free of charge and is aimed at leaders, decision makers, users and developers within the Data, AI and Analytics field.

Capgemini, Insights & Data Nordics

We are proud to present a wide range of speakers,
both as keynote and as part of the expert panel.


Karl Prag
Inter IKEA

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Sofia Granath

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Patrik Eriksson

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Robert Engels

Robert Engels
VP/CTO I&D Europe

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Anil Kandpal

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Johan Ludvig Brattås
Principal Solution Architect, I&D Nordics

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Expert panel

Liv Hofflander
Stena Metall

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Valeri Voev
LEGO Group

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Frederik Nilsson

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Mathias Olofsson
Telia Company

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Quotes from last year’s visitors:

On a scale from 1-5 (4 was satisfied and 5 very satisfied), 91% said they were satisfied or
very satisfied with the event. In average the visitors scored the event 4.2.

Very high quality compared to many other BI events”

Everything well prepared and very interesting”

The expert panel was really inspiring and engaged”


14:00 - 14:15

Introduction and trends within the Nordics

We kick-off this year’s event by taking the temperature of different trends and share some highlights from recent studies in the Data, Analytics and AI area. A rapid modernization of the data landscape is evident across all Nordic countries and organizations are approaching the transformation journey in different ways. What can we learn from these experiences? And what can we expect in the journey ahead of us?

14:15 - 14:25

Introduction of the Expert Panel

We have the esteemed expert panel with thoughtful leaders from various business sectors in place. The expert panel will during the event join in and give their thoughts and valuable comments after each session.

14:25 - 14:45

The constant battle in Data Analytics, case WirelessCar

Data Analytics need problems that hurt a lot, or you might get stuck in tech challenges, investment decisions, culture transformations and data ownership agreements!

Whether you initiate data driven transformation in your company to increase efficiency, or boost employer branding, or even finding new revenue streams through new market offerings, you will face constant battle between assuring business value and a clear business case for “hunting data insights” vs running your core operations and delivering on current targets.

There is a good chance that the complex perspectives in technology, data ownership, competence and way of working principles end up in parallel tracks, being super optimized and quite costly. A clear challenge or use case as a north star for the “Data driven transformation”, might be you best approach in maintaining the business value in investment for data gold mining. And don’t even dare to think Proof of concept, I mean real stuff and business targets.

Participant; Sofia Granath – VP Strategy and Products, WirelessCar.

14:45 - 15:05

The science and art behind Sustainability Analytics

Sustainability Analytics is not only good for your company’s image and the environment, It’s also good for your business. By analysis and measurable actions of the carbon footprint, waste, energy consumption etc. many companies have realized that it also has a direct impact on the business figures. With today’s possibilities with Advanced Analytics and Data Science the value has increased even more. In this presentation, our Sustainability Analytic expert will share his experience and thoughts about this important topic.

Participant: Anil Kandpal – Director of Sustainability Analytics at I&D Nordic, Capgemini.

15:05 - 15:25

How to succeed with your digital agenda, case Securitas

During this session Patrik will be interview by Thomas Svahn about the possibilities and challenges with Data & Analytics at Securitas. Securitas main goals are to be Data driven , Client Centric & People focused. Securitas is actually a significant IT employer and also have a tradition of being very federated & distributed in their way of working. During this session he will touch upon topics like legal aspects connected to data estate modernization in a decentralized setting. He will also address how they work with data democratization and organization readiness.

Participants: Patrik Eriksson – CDO at Securitas, Thomas Svahn – Head of I&D Sweden.

15:25 - 15:35

Leg stretcher

15:35 - 16:00

Fireside chat with Karl Prag, Inter IKEA

In this Fireside chat Ivar Aune, Head of I&D Nordics, will have a dialogue with Karl Prag, Global head of Data and Analytics Business development for Inter IKEA. During the chat we will, among others, get to know what trends Karl believes in within Data, AI and Analytics, what he thinks is important in becoming a data driven organization and what IKEA are up to now when getting into the “new normal”.

Participants: Karl Prag – Global head of Data and Analytics Business development for Inter IKEA, Ivar Aune – MD of I&D Nordics at Capgemini.

16:00 - 16:25

Into the Data Mesh

Since its inception in May 2019, the Data Mesh has become a hot topic in the data world. What exactly is the Data Mesh? And is it really the solution for your company’s analytical data?

Participants: Johan-Ludvig Brattås, Principal Solution Architect, I&D Nordics

16:25 - 16:45

BEING LIKE WATER – TechnoVision 2022

Capgemini annual TechnoVision edition is a snapshot in time, capturing the essence of technology trends and where they will be headed for the year to come.

One of the key challenges facing all organizations is how to use technology to help their businesses thrive in an increasingly complex world. We believe that by being like water, executives can deal with this complexity and help their companies to thrive. In this presentation you will hear about what trends Capgemini see within Data, AI and Analytics and how to leverage your business with it.

Participant: Ron Tolido – EVP Capgemini I&D Global.

16:45 - 17:00


We sum up the event by letting the expert panel give their thoughts about the day together with some hot final topics to discuss.

Participants: The Expert panel.


Thomas Svahn / Elin Ax

Thomas Svahn
Vice President, Head of I&D Sweden, Deputy manager I&D Nordics

During the last 20 years Thomas has been working with Analytics as an advisor and consultant. He really loves to inspire and support organizations in developing their business within this field. Amongst others he is also one of the authors of the Swedish Business Intelligence & Data Science study, the largest study within the field in Sweden.

In his role Thomas is heading the Swedish organization within Data, Analytics and AI at Capgemini, an organization with 300 local employees as well as offshore capabilities

Elin Ax
Team lead and Advisor, I&D Sweden

Elin is working with organizations on their journey towards becoming data/insights-driven. For her, this journey requires organizations to adopt a holistic perspective that includes initiatives in different areas and collaborating across different teams – strategy and governance, Analytics platform and solutions, culture and change. Elin has a background in academia and holds a PhD in Business Administration with focus on management accounting. Her academic roots combined with consultancy experience provides her with interesting cross-learnings and enable switch of perspectives.

Moderator Expert Panel

Magnus Carlsson
Head of Innovation I&D Nordic, Deputy Country Manager I&D Sweden

Magnus is passionate about how to solve real-world problems using technology. He also has a strong background from working with brilliant teams to create products and services that customers love. He has been working with solutions driven by data for 20+ years, in fields such as simulation, visualization, business intelligence, analytics, information management and machine learning + AI. He has been working with digital transformation and innovation as Chief Innovation Officer (CInO), CTO and various positions in the consulting industry.


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