dateWednesday, November 20th
time09:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Locatin, Venu
addressCapgemini Applied Innovation Exchange, 425 Brannan St., San Francisco, CA

Start your own 5G strategy inspired by the first system built on Salesforce, and a real user story related to Travel and Transportation.

Our business and IT experts will demonstrate how a new collaborative video channel, powered by Odigo, will become the expected baseline for your customers in the next few years, to reach your services and support team. It will contribute to boost your performance in terms of revenue and efficiency.

Anticipate the future to become an innovation leader in your industry!


You will discover:

Perspectives offered by 5G for Sales, Service and Support.
Inspiring use cases
Demo of advanced functionalities of our 5G accelerator for Service Cloud and SNCF testimonial on building a new service based on 5G
Odigo helps big organizations connect with individuals. It’s an omnichannel contact hub that cultivates the value in every conversation – building happy, productive relationships between your people and your customers.