Business to Planet

Consciously accelerating sustainability

It’s time for businesses to meet the needs of our planet.
Let’s make it a reality.

Everybody, everywhere, is talking about sustainability. It’s at the front of every leader’s mind, and often, it’s also close to their heart. Without a doubt, there’s an urgent need for action, and business leaders are feeling it acutely. At this critical point, organizations must undergo a dual transition: becoming a sustainable enterprise and embracing climate technologies. Working with our partner and institutions, our people at Capgemini is building and harnessing the emerging technologies that will drive us toward a future that benefits business, people, and the planet.

At Capgemini, we believe in business that serves the planet as much as its customers. Together, we can cultivate a mindset that goes beyond Business to Consumer or Business to Business – all the way from Business to Planet.

That journey integrates climate technologies, and sustainability innovations with the right people and their energy. Our aim is to empower our stakeholders to collectively reduce the environmental impact and unlock sustainable business opportunities for both today and tomorrow.

We achieve this by consciously accelerating sustainability; embedding the planet's needs at every decision-making stage, from strategy to operations, so that organizations can continue to achieve their current business objectives and be well-prepared for an inclusive and sustainable future.

Business to Planet is a journey ensuring value for both people and the planet, without compromise. It’s a natural fit, that delivers genuine innovation, unlocks value and constructs an ecosystem committed to the purpose of delivering positive and impactful outcomes.

We are consciously accelerating sustainability. Will you join us?

There is a new business paradigm. Our renewed journey from Business to Planet confirms our commitment to making a positive impact. We prepare organizations for today and tomorrow by putting the Planet at the heart of every decision made. It's time for us to consciously accelerate toward a sustainable future.

Cyril Garcia

Group Executive Board member,
Head of Global Sustainability Services and Corporate Responsibility, Capgemini

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