Diegem, Belgium, 17:00, 12 June 2019

New rules for smarter and faster testing

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About Ideas in Action

Ideas in Action is a unique event series for business and technology leaders who have a keen eye on the future – and a keener focus on what’s practically possible today. Choose from a mix of sessions covering both strategy and implementation, in which you can explore the impact of current and future trends and how to make new ideas a reality using existing and emerging technologies.


When: Wednesday, June 12th 2019, start at 5 PM (followed by networking and refreshments)
Where: Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport

Discover the future of testing. How? With technical and industry insights, and examples of best practice from Sogeti’s world-leading Digital Assurance and Testing experts.

How do you apply innovation to ensure you remain at the forefront of testing and QA? Find out at the latest Sogeti Ideas in in Action event on 12th June.

Discover the key trends and tools shaping modern testing, from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation to Cognitive QA and Continuous Testing.

Hear from Sogeti’s testing specialists on three hot topics and participate in the panel discussion featuring several of our international experts as they debate how smarter testing really can make value for your business.

Continuous Testing in an Agile/DevOps context

Hear recommendations and use cases for the fast and efficient validation of software releases in an Agile and DevOps setting through highly automated tests. This presentation discusses key findings from The Continuous Testing Report 2019, including why starting small, rather than applying continuous testing enterprise-wide, can be the first stepping stone to success.
Key speaker: Mark Buenen is Capgemini/Sogeti’s Global Leader, Digital Assurance and Testing Portfolio.

Testing in the digital age – AI makes the difference

Drawing on the book of the same name, this presentation provides a fascinating overview of how AI is helping to transform testing. Discover what new quality attributes testers must now include in the end-to-end testing process, and why It is only a matter of time before any form of testing without AI will not be accepted in the development of new digital products.
Key speaker: Tom Van de Ven is a co-author of the book and High Tech Testing Expert at Sogeti Netherlands.

Smarter Testing with AI

Gain insight into Sogeti’s Cognitive QA. This analytics-driven platform based on AI capabilities helps to improve test strategy decision-making to achieve smarter testing at speed. Find out how innovations in analytics, AI and data sciences are driving an intelligent approach to QA – and why it matters.
Key speaker: Antoine Aymer is Sogeti’s Global Strategic Portfolio Director for Testing.


17.00 - 17.30 Welcome & refreshments

Welcome & refreshments

17.30 - 17.40 Introduction

Olivier Vandekerkhove / Fabian Galoppin Introduction to the event and a brief overview of the Sogeti testing practice

17.40 - 18.05 How to achieve Continuous Testing in an Agile/DevOps context?

Mark Buenen Recommendations and use cases for the process of fast and efficient validation of software releases in an Agile and DevOps setting through highly automated tests

18.05 - 18.30 Testing in the digital age: AI makes the difference

Tom van de Ven This book publication provides an overview on how AI can help to transform testing via 5 hops from a reactive execution activity towards a monitoring and - finally - forecasting activity


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18.30 - 18.55 Smarter testing with AI

Antoine Aymer Sogeti’s Cognitive QA is an analytics-driven platform based on AI capabilities that helps to improve decision-making for your test strategy to achieve smarter testing at speed

18.55 - 19.10 Panel discussion

Bart Vanparys / Geert Vanhove A moderated panel discussion on 3 questions/statements related to the latest testing trends

19.10 - 19.15 Closing

Olivier Vandekerkhove / Fabian Galoppin Closing

19.15 - end Networking & refreshments

Networking & refreshments

Meet our Leading International Testing Experts

Mark Buenen

Mark Buenen

Leader Digital Assurance & Testing Portfolio, Capgemini/Sogeti Global

Tom van de Ven

Tom van de Ven

Author of the book "Testing in a Digital Age", High Tech Testing Expert, Sogeti Netherlands

Antoine Aymer

Antoine Aymer

Strategic Portfolio Director Testing, Sogeti Global

Geert Vanhove

Geert Vanhove

Expert Leader Testing, Sogeti Belgium

Bart Vanparys

Bart Vanparys

Expert Leader Testing, Capgemini Belgium

Olivier Vandekerkhove

Olivier Vandekerkhove

Practice Leader Digital Assurance & Testing, Capgemini Belgium

Fabian Galoppin

Fabian Galoppin

Practice Leader, Sogeti Belgium

If you have any question, please contact Paul Haesaerts

Paul Haesaerts
Marketing Manager Belux
+32 478 64 49 04