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Disaggregated Open RAN is a critical driver for the rapid innovation and onboarding of new services. The payoff is substantial – increased flexibility with a lower total cost of ownership. But Open RAN also raises unique challenges in terms of network design evolution. So how can you design efficiency into the core of your Open RAN architecture?

Capgemini is a Pioneer in Open Networks. We have supported the first experimentations and deployments with Communication Service Providers (CSPs), and we continue to expand the limits. By helping telcos design intelligence into their systems, we help build smarter, more efficient, fully-automated networks.

Capgemini is leading the design and integration of advanced networks, including 5G and edge. As a result, our Open RAN team supports the full ecosystem. We currently work with 20+ NEP and test / measurement clients, semiconductor companies, and other leading players and innovators. We also have a strong presence in several organizations and standardization bodies including the O-RAN Alliance, Telecom Infra Project and GSMA.

We’ve been helping telco players around the world design and successfully manage the introduction of open networks, using an E2E approach that includes automation and orchestration. Learn more in the resources below about the many ways we support our clients in creating the networks of the future.

Project Marconi

Intelligent RAN just got smarter:
Capgemini’s Project Marconi

With a 15% improvement in network performance, Project Marconi is already demonstrating the power of artificial cognition to enhance Intelligent RAN Controller nodes. This is only the first step in a series of innovations that design cognitive capabilities into Intelligent RAN Controller nodes.

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Whitepapers & flyer

A highly scalable platform based on open-source components from O-RAN SC: meet RATIO

Capgemini has developed a set of software frameworks that enable NEPs and CSPs to accelerate the development and launch of their products by 30 to 60%. The frameworks cover the entire end-to-end 5G open network ecosystem. RATIO is Capgemini’s O-RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) and is also integrated with the award-winning Capgemini NetAnticipate platform integrating AI and multiple machine-learning (ML) models.

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RATIO: O-RAN RIC Framework powered by AI/ML

RATIO is a highly scalable platform based on hardened open-source components from O-RAN SC and supports a fully disaggregated RIC architecture. RATIO is fully aligned with the O-RAN Alliance specification and supports multi-vendor centralized units (CU) and distributed units (DU) through standard O-RAN interfaces.

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The missing piece: designing a more efficient 5G fronthaul

In all the efforts to standardize Open RAN, one crucial element demands attention – the fronthaul network. In a joint effort, Capgemini Engineering and UfiSpace are collaborating to support Open RAN initiatives with disaggregated, modular and programmable solutions. In this white paper, we consider efficient fronthaul solutions to mitigate specific challenges in RAN evolution.

BLOG: Implementing intelligence in RAN with RIC

RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) is a key element for enabling best-of-breed Open RAN to support interoperability across different hardware (RU, servers) and software (DU/CU) components, as well as ideal resource optimization to deliver the best subscriber quality of service (QoS). This blog describes the open-source RIC initiatives and their positioning regarding Near-Real-Time RIC (Near-RT RIC) and xApps, and provides recommendations for implementation.

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RIC and roll: how to unlock the true value of O-RAN

This whitepaper written in collaboration with Mobile World Live explores the critical role that the RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) plays in transforming the network and empowering operators to create and monetise distinctive O-RAN service propositions.

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Industry collaboration is key to transform the vision of cloud-native, AI-optimized 5G open RANs

Cloud-native, AI-optimized 5G open RANs (O-RANs), are so fundamentally different from any previous mobile generation, that they’re not just evolutionary. They’re a step change on how radio networks are designed and built.

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vRAN/O-RAN is here: add smart brains to master your 5G networks

Explore the deployment challenges of multi-vendor (disaggregated) RAN interoperability and new network management requirements with the different associated Smart RAN solutions.

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Learnings from the Vodafone RAN Intelligent Controller Trial (registration requested)

Join industry peers from Vodafone, VMware, Capgemini, Cohere, Polte and Airhop and learn how RICs enable an open and multi-vendor RAN, diversify supply chains and increase quality of service.

Unlocking the true value of Open RAN – it's all about the RIC, May 25

Learn about the benefits that RIC platforms enable, with a focus on improved quality of experience and the creation of services that fuel new applications and revenue growth.

Microsoft, Capgemini, Intel demo

Microsoft, Intel, and Capgemini enable 5G Open-RAN stack on Microsoft Operator Distributed Services

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5G-enabled Open RAN system based on ARM Neorverse N1 CPU

Arm Neoverse based platforms provide up to 40% TCO savings for operators and enable scaling their virtualized RAN solutions

O-RAN based Network-in-a-box

Demonstration of a low-footprint 5G Network-in-a-box O-RAN compliant solution for a range of use cases from distributed small cells to private networks and macro deployments.

Open lab for testing, validation and integration of disaggregated networks

Funded by the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) the i14y Lab is an open lab led and hosted by Deutsche Telekom – operated by a consortium of partners, that will match the funding provided by the BMDV with their own investments over the next 3 years. As an open lab it is built for collaboration within the wider telecommunications community.

Learn about the i14y lab here

Panel discussion at MWC 2022

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i14y introduction

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In the NEWS

Vodafone selects key partners

Vodafone selects Capgemini as key partner to build Europe's first commercial Open RAN network

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Vodafone switches on first 5G OpenRAN site in the UK

Vodafone has switched on the UK’s first 5G OpenRAN.

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Consortium of industry leaders...

Consortium of industry leaders creates new open lab "i14y" to accelerate network disaggregation and Open RAN

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Vodafone, Cohere Technologies, VMware, Capgemini Engineering, Intel and Telecom Infra Project (TIP)...

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Command The 5G Network

Viavi Solutions Inc. (VIAVI) (NASDAQ: VIAV) today announced that Capgemini, a global leader in business and technology transformation...

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Advantech Collaborates with Capgemini to Deliver 5G Smart...

The cloud-native platform, which combines 5G Open RAN, Artificial Intelligence and Multi-access Edge Computing...

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