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Be Bold

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, your customers seek personal relationships with their favorite brands. They expect tailor-made services, products and experiences, offered at the right moment, and through the right channel. So, how do you do this? Be bold, and embrace change! Your journey towards CX Transformation starts at our Customer Experience Summit 2023: Master the Driving Force of Change.

At the summit, you’ll see, hear and feel everything that’s new in the world of CX. With keynotes, breakout sessions and workshops, offering concrete input and best practices on how to produce the ultimate in CX. Join Microsoft, as the company shares its latest insights in AI-driven CX transformation. Be inspired by CX celebrity James Dodkins as he reveals the secret of Rockstar customer experiences - and how to turn your customers into your most loyal fans. Experience true inclusive design, as envisioned by our partners at frog. And there’s much more…

All in all, there’s lots of reasons to join us, on October 5 at Capgemini’s HQ in Utrecht. Register now – free of charge!


At the CX Summit, you’ll learn all about the latest insights and developments in CX. Plus, you’ll hear everything you need to kickstart your own CX transformation journey. We offer three tracks; each with their own focus areas, presented by inspiring speakers. But you’ll get to do so much more than just listen. In workshops and demonstrations, you’ll be able to experience for yourself what excellent CX is all about!.

track 1

Perspectives on CX:

a word from our customers and partners

In a series of key notes and breakout sessions, our partners and customers will share their own, first-hand experiences with CX, offering unique insights into their journey towards CX excellence.UWV is on hand to tell you about its customer journey transformation project, aiming for a CX that’s both more personal and inclusive, while meeting its increasingly tech-savvy clients’ expectations. Nestle will discuss online shopping in a post-omni channel era, detailing its efforts to integrate physical and digital touchpoints into a seamless customer journey.

track 2

Capgemini Academy Presents:

The CX Team Bootcamp

CX transformation isn’t just an organizational thing; it’s something in which you as an individual also have a part to play. Which skills do you need to become truly customer focused – and how do you deploy those skills? Embark on a series of crash courses, courtesy of our colleagues at Capgemini Academy, and learn how to leverage data and technology and become a driving force of change! Listen to Tech Maestro Ton Godtschalk as he explains how you effectively use AI to visualize data and tell a compelling story. Be inspired by Alchemist of Methods & Certifications Lex van der Helm as he sets you on a path towards the change you seek, with data as your guide.

track 3

The Customer First Workshops

When we talk about CX transformation, what do we mean exactly? What happens when we put our customers first – and how are we supposed to do this in the first place? In this track, you’ll get a taste of the immersive experiences that become possible through new technology such as data driven marketing, augmented reality and AI. In the Interactive Workshop “Always Be Relevant”,for instance, Robin van den Hoven will show you how you can use 360 degree customer profiles and insights to personalize each and every customer contact, and make sure you always use the right channel to interact with your customers – at the right time and with the right content.


Make sure to check out our video, for a first impression of one James Dodkins, of the keynote speakers of the Customer Experience Summit. In an inspiring, musical and above all unforgettable keynote, James reveals the secret of Rockstar customer experiences - and how to turn your customers into your most loyal fans.

James Dodkins The Customer Experience Rockstar


Klaas Weima

Founder & MD Energize CMOtalk, BNR presenter , Author


James Dodkins

Customer Experience Rockstar


Sirious Kavehercy

Founder & MD Energize Interculturalist and Media Strategist


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