Capgemini at

Mobile World Congress

Barcelona 2022

Arrive at 5G, differently

5G and cloud are not just a revolution in tech. They provide a different way of developing revenue streams, business models and, above all, thinking about what it means to be a Telco. These changes will not just lead to an intelligent industry — crucially, they will help you get the future you want.

At Capgemini we believe Intelligent Industry, the next era of transformation, is at the core of what we create. At MWC our vision is to imagine the future of connectivity with you.

Visit our booth #2J18 in Hall 2 or explore here what the future could look like as part of the intelligent connectivity ecosystem.


Leading the way to a 5G future

Two of the key technologies that are powering Intelligent Industry, 5G and Edge computing, will have a radical impact on industries, transforming operations and driving innovation in ways that we can’t even imagine yet.

Lab As A Service

Face the 5G and Telco Cloud Introduction Challenges

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CRI 5G Industrial Revolution

5G is widely recognized as a cornerstone of Industry 4.0 and a driver of digital innovation.

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Exploring new revenue opportunities in 5G

5G networks offer more bandwidth, better latency and improved reliability.

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Mission Critical Communications for Public Safety

Mission Critical communication systems and tools are a real lifeline for Public Safety emergency services.

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Smart autonomous intralogistics

Autonomous Intralogistics Operations bring significant efficiency, flexibility, and enhanced performance at the factory.

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Smart Health

Real-time Tele-ultrasound solution enabled by 5G to realize the vision of an effective point-of-care system.

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Smart Mining

Capgemini’s “Mines with an Edge” solution enabled by 5G showcases an autonomous haul truck fitted with on-board sensors that keep communicating with other equipment over 5G

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Network Transformation

Unleashing the dynamic and scalable digital network

Our software frameworks help clients leverage standard software and components to accelerate development of connected solutions.


Marconi Project - Capgemini NetAnticipate 5G on Intel Architecture

Capgemini Engineering along with it’s 5G partner ecosystem, has developed a cognitive 5G Medium Access Control (MAC).

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NetAnticipate: The Ultimate Network AI Platform

With the advent of 5G and associated technologies like IoT and autonomous vehicles, network traffic is forecast to grow 10-folds by 2021.

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5G Connected Platform for Smart Cities & Private Networks

5G for smart cities, connected infrastructure, industry 4.0

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OpenRAN’s 2nd mile

Since the first commercial launch of 5G services in 2018, 5G’s momentum has ramped up.

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Next Generation of Virtualized Networks for OLT

It’s clear that tomorrow’s networks will be completely virtualized, which means today’s solutions need to pave the way.

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Ratio: Capgemini RIC for Intelligent Open RAN Operations

This brochure describes the features of the Capgemini O-RAN-compliant RIC based on the O-RAN Software Community...

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Data, AI & Cloud Transformation

The making of an intelligent industry

Telcos are some of the world’s largest data aggregators, with access to an unprecedented number of data sources and a direct connection to millions of consumers. The question is: What value does it hold?

Live-Stream of Panel Discussion “In AI we Trust” with Yannick Martel on stage at MWC

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are among the largest producers and consumers of data in the world.

Data & Cloud PoV - The cloud imperative for Telcos’ data analytics

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are among the largest producers and consumers of data in the world.

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Effective real-time data-driven marketing activation for Telcos – POV

A lot of interactions we have today are with machines. Indeed, we like to interact with machines...

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The power of the cloud

We explore how the flexibility and scalability of the cloud can help address some of the Telco industry’s most pressing questions about cloud migration and data estate modernization.

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Network Analytics Video

In their quest to evolve into truly data driven-organizations, Capgemini is supporting Telecom players with solutions for managing Data & Analytics

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Intelligent Industry - Future of Mobility

The Next Era of Transformation

Find out more on our Intelligent Industry website

Find out more on our Engineering website on Autonomous Driving

CRI Conversations for Tomorrow – Intelligent Industry

Developments in three pivotal areas – software, connectivity, and semiconductors – are redefining traditional industries.

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The Future of Autonomous Driving Is Almost Here

The first wave of modern advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) to hit the auto market two decades ago was...

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eVTOL - drone taxi prototype – En-route to urban air mobility

Today, over 4 billion people, or more than half the world’s population, live in cities.

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Advanced driver assistance systems & autonomous driving (ADAS/AD)

Global Training Center Capgemini engineering - A service to answer Autonomous mobility issues

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Driving Automation Systems Validation

Fully autonomous driving, one of the key outcomes of the Intelligent Industry, is on its way.

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Find out more about the EU project we are supporting with many other partners.

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The path to net zero for telcos

The telecommunications industry has a significant environmental impact today and this impact is predicted to rise in the years to come due to an increasing number of users, devices, and the ensuing explosion in data traffic.

GSMA Report “The sustainable Telco

The GSMA is a global organisation unifying the mobile ecosystem to discover, develop and deliver innovation foundational to positive business environments and societal change.

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Telco Sustainability

The telecommunications industry has a significant environmental impact today and this impact is predicted to rise in the years to come

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