After the successful launch of Applications Unleashed report on Sept 23, we are happy to organize a deep-dive session on Thursday, February 17, from 14:00-17:30 CET .

During this event, we will have Seven breakout sessions in two rounds , where we will underpinseven abilities that need to be transformed to increase your enterprise’s agility, continuously anticipate your customers’ and markets’ needs, and deliver ahead of their expectations and competitors.

Register for your preferred breakout. We have limited seats for this event, so hurry up and register soon.

Agenda for the event:

  • Welcome by Ron Tolido, CTO, Capgemini Insights & Data Global Business Line
  • Introduction by Esmee van de Giessen, Capgemini Agile Coach
  • Evolving into an excellent performing organisation with continuous focus on our future travelers by our expert guest speaker, Ivo Steffens, Commercial Director NS Reizigers
  • Breakout Round 1
  • Break
  • Breakout Round 2
  • Closing Session by our inspirational speaker, Esther Vergeer, Paralympic champion and Chef de Mission Beijing 2022

Overviews for Breakouts

  1. Teams (break-out 1): Highly agile enterprises don’t need teams!

    Speakers: Harjan ter Haar & Alastair Perera

    In today’s virtual world, teamwork is more important than ever. Growing the perfect team is ‘the’ basis for success at our customers! Join us as we highlight the key aspects of winning behaviors and the most important values and principles that are the cornerstone of any good team!

  2. Teams (break-out 2): Create a winning team!

    Speakers: Fina Piazza & Roelienda Zevenbergen

    Many companies think they have teams, but are they really teams or groups of individuals? So, what does a highly Agile Enterprise need? It’s time to explore this question. So, join in as we weigh the pros and cons together with Jan, the CEO of the company Individuals Rock, and let’s come to a feasible conclusion together!

  3. Enabler: How architects help DevOps teams to be successful?

    Speakers: Xander Ladage & Mirko van der Maat

    Designing organizations to fail

    DevOps is a mindset, it’s a culture. Too often Architects focus only on the right tooling and infrastructure, but it is all about failing!

    To truly enable DevOps, architects need to design an organization to fail; fast and often!

    From an architectural role, how can you contribute to concepts like Trust, Empowerment, Pride or "Inspect & Adapt"? And how can an Architect leverage these concepts to create both a technical enabling infrastructure as an organizational one?

  4. Product: What really owning a product looks like?

    Speakers: Kim Berghout & Diantha Bollv

    In an agile work environment, it is sometimes difficult to stop and reflect on the product. This applies at the organizational level as well as at the team level. The pressure to start as soon as possible and to deliver regularly is often high. Asking questions, researching, and reflecting can have a lot of impact or disrupt the ongoing process. That is precisely why reflection on the product is important.

    In this workshop, we will look at the value of taking time for product reflection. How is my product doing? How does this apply to both new and existing products?

  5. Culture: Real leaders enable agile culture.

    Speakers: Sid Dane & Rik Pennartz

    Achieving an Agile culture requires a radical transformation, and which sometimes evolves differently than you might think. This workshop is about 2 aspects of culture change: willingness and ability. Leadership is concerned with the ability, but what about the willingness? In this workshop we look at those 2 aspects, what should leadership do? When it comes to cultural change, you can't just “tell” people to change or have the guts to do so. What is the role of leadership, how does it fill in the “ability” and how do you deal with resistance and achieve the “wanting”? Join our workshop in which we discover building an agile culture!

  6. Organization (break-out 1): One size does not fit all when going for an agile organization.

    Speakers: Annemarie Galjart & Ellen Veenema

    While organizations are in dire need to become agile in order to adapt to the rapidly evolving digital world, it is also important to ensure this is done quickly while remaining profitable. Join us to discuss how organizations can benefit from the Minimum Viable Organization approach to become more agile quickly and transform to an agile way of working.

  7. Organization (break-out 2): HR for Agile and agile HR: How can HR advance agility and become more agile itself?

    Speakers: Lex Verweij & Nina Gibson

    With most of the organizations moving to agile, HR is lagging. This workshop will give you examples of the agile journey for HR, the lessons learned and recommendations for HR to become agile. Moreover, you can explore where your organization is standing and what you ambition is for the future.

  8. Partnership: When I contract agile, I always receive, what I expect to receive?

    Speakers: Joost van den Heuvel , Addo de Visser, Menno Wartenbergh

    In an agile world, trust and transparency are key to a good partnership. Let’s discuss together how commercial and contractual considerations in an agile world can develop over time in order to bring more value for money, as well as discuss metrics and KPI’s further.

  9. DevOps: Craft a flow to make your team hover and go.

    Speakers: Karmen Schrauwen & Damian Verschuren

    Built-in quality is one of the most essential DevOps practice – which ensures that end-product is always of top-notch quality. Join us to take a deep dive into built-in quality, and understand how the maturity level of testing within projects can be transformed by focusing on built-in quality.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to discuss the challenges and learn the best practices from our practical experiences.



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