Earth’s climate and environment are changing at a rapid pace. World leaders are looking for ways to mitigate this crisis. While not the only solution, Internet of Things (IoT) technology can help to combat climate change and to create a more sustainable world. AdvantageYou and the CoP IoT organize an event on this topic on Thursday November 24th, 2022. We like to welcome you to join this inspiring event on IoT and Sustainability, brought to you by Capgemini, clients and partners.

  • Human Activity is harming the Environment
    Climate change and the environment are highly related to one another. The way we use our earth’s resources, while bringing us prosperity and well-being, also result in the production of waste and pollution, and the exhaust of greenhouse emissions like carbon dioxide and other gasses. Internet of Things (IoT) technology can help to reduce greenhouse emission, prevent deforestation, increase renewable energy usage, limit waste and more. Simply said, while earth’s population is still growing, IoT will thus help to manage the impact of human activities.
  • IoT provides Reliable Data for Sustainable Outcomes
    IoT has the potential to be a reliable and important source of data about the environment, not only to identify harmful activities, but also to be able to understand the impact of these activities. With that data we can create the valuable information to help us to take appropriate actions. Green buildings use reliable data generated from sensor devices to reduce energy usage, while blue buildings can actually be a source of energy. Smart cities use IoT to reduce waste, monitor pollution and to provide more reliable public transport. Smart farms use sensors to optimize irrigation, thus saving on water use, while GPS-assisted tractors allow for precision farming. And these are just a few examples.
    All of this is achieved by the use of sensor data received from IoT devices, systems and networks. This enables us to take the right actions at the right time and in the right place.
  • Join the event
    Climate change has a huge impact on all of us and the environmental effects of human activities can be experienced every day. In our upcoming IoT Event we will present how IoT can help to push sustainable development.
    We therefore invite you to join this 9th Internet of Things event organized by AdvantageYou and the CoP IoT. We will be hosting a variety of break-out sessions with different angles on IoT in relation to sustainability, preceded by a keynote presentation.

Break-out sessions


Speaker Subject
Wilson Camargo
(Sustainability expert Capgemini)
Opening and Keynote
Luc Baardman (Capgemini) Grow with the Flow – sustainable water management with smart sensor technology for a climate-proof Netherlands
Jacko Obels (Capgemini) Digital Agriculture and IoT
Joyce van de Velde (Ordina) The smart route to sustainable, healthy and future-proof real estate
Edwin Leinse (SmartDog) How IoT can reduce Food waste in Bulk Packaging

17.00 - Walk-in dinner
18.00 - Opening
18.10 - Keynote
18.40 - Pitch
19.00 - First break-out sessions
19.45 - Second break-out sessions
20.30 - Expert panel
21.00 - Meet & greet with drinks and snacks