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In this series we connect the Nordics with Silicon Valley and get an opportunity to learn from thought leaders and innovators about entering the next era of digital transformation. In the 4th edition that was live streamed on May 30th, we zoomed in on Smart Factories to explore what it really takes to create a Smart Factory and how we can leverage data and AI in Smart Factories.

Topics addressed:

| What values can you get with a Smart Factory?

| What technologies enable Smart Factories today and what technologies can we expect tomorrow?

| What steps are needed in order to succeed?

| What can we learn from those who already started the journey?

Did you miss the event? Now it is available to watch on-demand. Whether you are at the beginning of the journey towards the Smart Factory or already have come a long way, you do not want to miss the chance to hear from leaders in this field.


Introduction and trends within the Nordics
Welcome and introduction.

Future Trends in Smart Factories from a Silicon Valley perspective
Leaders from Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange in Silicon Valley in discussion with leaders from NVIDIA, Matroid, and BGV about Smart Factory technology trends.

Panel Discussion “What does it take to create a smart factory?”
Leaders from the Nordics and Silicon Valley meet in a discussion around different aspects of the Smart Factory. The panel composed of representatives from companies in different industries will explore what values you can get with Smart Factories, what technologies are in use today and what the recipe for success looks like.

Immersive Technologies for Smart Factories
Technical demonstration.

Closing Session
Event wrap up and end.

Speakers and panelists


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