World Wealth Report 2020 LinkedIn Live

The world has changed and so has wealth management. On Thursday, July 9, Capgemini and the Rudin Group are bringing together top wealth management leaders from around the globe in a live, industry-shaping online discussion around the state of the wealth management industry.

The event marks the launch of the World Wealth Report 2020, the industry’s leading benchmark for tracking high net worth individuals, their wealth, and the global and economic conditions that drive change in the wealth management industry, and will feature the key findings from the report.

It will also explore further insights from some of the world’s most influential innovators in the wealth management space on steering their organizations through a time of extraordinary uncertainty and unprecedented opportunity.

When: July 9th at 9 a.m. ET, 3 p.m. CET, 6:30 p.m. IST and 9 p.m. HKT.

Where: Event will be live streamed on LinkedIn. All registrants will automatically receive the live url to join the event 15 minutes before it starts.




  • Welcome & event overview

  • World Wealth Report 2020 KEY TAKEAWAYS #1
    Elias Ghanem, Global Head, Capgemini Financial Services Market Intelligence Group
    Moderator Yuri Bender, Editor-in-Chief, Professional Wealth Management Group, Financial Times

  • Master Class: SUSTAINABILITY & PHILANTHROPY New Urgency for Green Strategies
    Bill Street, Group Chief Investment Officer, Quintet Private Bank
    Parag Khanna, Founder and Managing Partner, FutureMap
    Erika Karp, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cornerstone Capital
    Moderator Paul Sullivan, Wealth Matters Columnist, The New York Times

  • Capgemini and Wealth Management Ecosystem Discussion – Asia
    Samuel Levy-Basse, Head, Capgemini Invent Hong Kong
    Alexis Calla, Global Head, Investment Advisory & Strategy, Group Wealth Management, Standard Chartered Bank
    Ned Phillips, Founder and CEO, Bambu

  • World Wealth Report KEY TAKEAWAYS #2

  • Point of View: SEEING WHAT LEADERS SEE How Entrepreneurs Create Success
    Tucker York, Global Head of Wealth Management, Goldman Sachs
    Maria Elena (Mel) Lagomasino, CEO and Managing Partner, WE Family Offices
    Markus Lammer, Chief Operating Officer, Ultrahigh Net Worth/U.S., Credit Suisse Moderator Moderator Lauren Young, Wealth Editor, Thomson Reuters

  • Master Class: REDEFINING WOMEN AND WEALTH Delivering Excellence with a Customized Approach
    Adrienne Penta, Executive Director, Brown Brothers Harriman Center for Women and Wealth
    Tash Elwyn, President and CEO, Raymond James & Associates
    Moderator Veronica Dagher, Senior Wealth Management Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

  • Capgemini and Wealth Management Ecosystem Discussion – Europe
    Tej Vakta, Global Asset & Wealth Management Domain Leader, Capgemini 
    Pierre Dulon, CEO, Azqore
    Yann Charraire, Managing Director, OneWealthPlace

  • Point of View: FINDING FOCUS IN A CRISIS, Redefining Boundaries to Thrive
    Fred Mouawad, Founder, Synergia One

  • World Wealth Report KEY TAKEAWAYS #3

  • Master Class: MASTERING MULTIGENERATIONAL MONEY, Serving the Preferences of Boomers + Gens X, Y and Z
    Jeremy Balkin, Head of Innovation, HSBC
    Kabir Sethi, Managing Director and Head of Digital Wealth Management, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
    Money K., Global Head of Next Generation, Citi Private Bank
    Moderator April Rudin, Founder and CEO, The Rudin Group

  • Point of View: NEW LENS ON CLIENT EXPERIENCE, Traditional Wealth vs. New Wealth
    Anna Brugnoli, Co-Head of Wealth Planning, UBS  
    Lisa Shalett, Chief Investment Officer, Morgan Stanley
    Moderator Yuri Bender, Editor-in-Chief, Professional Wealth Management Group, Financial Times

  • Capgemini and Wealth Management Ecosystem Discussion – North America
    Matt Reger, Vice President, Capgemini Invent
    Amma Boateng, Head of Strategy and Development, Financial Advisor Services, Vanguard
    Matt Singleton, Director, US Enterprise Solutions, Flybits

  • Point of View: WEALTH PSYCHOLOGY, Uncovering How Clients’ Relationships with Money Impacts Their Wealth
    James Grubman, Founder, Family Wealth Consulting
    Joel Treisman, Founder and President, From Wealth to Wisdom