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Capgemini’s Perform AI services address your priority business challenges and drive impact at every level of AI maturity.

From kickstarting your transformation programs with AI to resetting your AI strategy for scale, we infuse AI in your organization from operational excellence to business model innovation. While you may already be experimenting with AI, our approach transforms your trials into production grade applications, at scale, to deliver value to your entire organization.

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For AI Success, Businesses Need A New Game Plan
Artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly, and it affects everything it touches in the realm of business technology, from dynamic management of the cloud at scale, to first line defense against sophisticated cyberattacks. As both an opportunity and a risk for business, AI is a game changer. As a result, there is a growing need for enterprises to come up with a strategy for deploying the right technology from what can seem a bewildering array of choices, and through an architectural approach that delivers agility, security, and sustainability in line with business plans.

Are Companies Doing Enough to Close the Digital Talent Gap?
The demand for digital skills in the workplace is continuing to grow, but across the world the supply of digital talent isn’t keeping pace. While nearly all organizations are aware of the digital talent gap, a survey by Capgemini and LinkedIn of more than 1,250 professionals around the world suggests they’re not taking enough concrete action to bridge it.

Building the Self-Driving Future? Don’t Forget the Passengers
It won’t be long before self-driving cars become a concrete reality for consumers. In order to make the driverless future successful, however, auto companies need to take consumers along for the ride. A Capgemini study of more than 5,500 consumers and 280 executives can help auto leaders understand consumer expectations for a self-driving future and prepare their organizations accordingly.


Accelerating your outcomes at every stage of the journey

Deliver AI-infused performance improvements to optimize your existing business and to create the springboard for long term growth. Here, Intelligent Process Automation of corporate processes, Intelligent Apps to integrate cognitive services into existing lines of business apps, and Custom AI services combine to create differentiation, scale and impact throughout your enterprise.

Create the organizational and technology platform for where and how AI should be applied in your enterprise. It defines your AI strategy and architecture, and discovers, prioritizes and executes use cases. Should you have AI experiments or initiatives underway, it builds on, and enhances, what’s already started. Ultimately, AI Activate kick-starts your AI-infused future, creating the foundations to maximize business impact by industrializing AI at scale.

Taking your business further. Look ahead to the possibilities of new products and services, customer experiences, operating models and revenue streams – to drive innovation opportunities across your AI-infused enterprise. As part of this comprehensive future state AI service, you’ll uncover new business opportunities in existing markets, and identify opportunities to enter and disrupt new markets.

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Real World Solutions for sustainable, trusted business performance


Boost Sales and Customer Experience
  • Real-time churn prevention and dynamic pricing
  • Conversational interfaces and augmented call center
  • Offer/Product recommendations and personalization
  • Sales and market intelligence & marketing spend optimization
  • Immersive humanized experience and sentiment recognition




Optimize Your Operations
  • Critical asset performance and automated QA
  • Operations intelligence and knowledge engineering
  • Intelligent supply chain and inventory optimization
  • Autonomous machine decision-making
  • Employee augmentation




Manage Risk, Fraud, Compliance
  • Anomalous behaviors detection
  • Credit and Insurance risk assessment and management
  • Automation of regulations checks and reportings
  • Proactive fraud detection services monetization
  • Regulation checks & reportings monetization for supplies